About Cramer Contracting

I’ve always loved helping people. I love the way it makes me feel. Now, as an adult, that feeling happens every time I get done with a customer’s project; or your project.

Though I was very intentional about becoming a general contractor and remodeler, my path to get here was quite unconventional. Long story short; I went to college for a completely different career that I didn’t care for much. Who knew that when the COVID pandemic struck, the stars would align to allow an opportunity for me to become a builder. Now, I am much happier. I get to spend more time with my family, build a business I am proud of and help people like you with your home improvement projects. 

At Cramer Contracting, we specialize in remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and basements. We also create custom built-ins, mud rooms, laundry rooms, and additions. We’re also unique in that we have a handyman division within Cramer Contracting to help homeowners with their smaller projects.

What sets us apart from other contractors?

  • Communication: Prompt, thorough and professional. I answer the phone, I reply to emails, I look you in the eye and shake your hand. Simple stuff. Basic professionalism goes a long way.
  • Attention to Detail: Seeing the macro and micro is ultimately how you’re wowed by the time your job is finished.
  • A Singular focus on your job: When it’s time to break ground on your job, that is our focus until it’s done. Bouncing from job to job without finishing is unprofessional and a sign of an unorganized contractor who doesn’t respect your time or your home.
  • Cleanliness: Though dust and debris are part of the process of remodeling, they don’t have to be a part of your home. We use several cohesive and redundant systems to contain dust and particulates from entering your home.

I hope you’ll give us a chance and trust us to build the project that’s been on your list. Allow us to turn your dreams into reality. We’re a company that cares, and we’d love to earn your business.


Ian Cramer

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